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"Kym was amazing with my girls. She made them feel comfortable and stuck with Gracie my 14 month old." -Katie

"Miss Kym is teaching Zachary and Kyle to save themselves if an accident were to happen. If you're interested in any of the info I've posted for your little one or someone you know, contact Kym. After the very first lesson, I knew I'd never trust my babies with anyone else." - Kat H.
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"Kym has helped to teach our children the skills they need to safely be in and around the pool.  The peace of mind it gives my husband and I is priceless."  Beth W.
"ISR swim lessons have been great! My son Neil is finishing his second refresher course and it’s amazing how confident he has become in the water!  These lessons have provided me with piece of mind while my son is around water."  Rachel J.
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Putting both my girls into ISR with Kym was the best decision we have made. Kym is great with kids, and she gave us the greatest gift. Peace of mind! Both my girls can now save themselves in the water!” Jayme M.
"Our 1 year old twins Loughran and Liam had a wonderful IRS experience with Miss Kym! She was very caring and focused on the twin's individual tendencies, idiosyncrasies, and personalities to best teach them the skills necessary to survive an aquatic accident. She individually tailored their lessons to their cognitive and physical learning abilities." Bill N.
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"Great experience! Will definitely be doing ISR with all my children! Kym is great to work with and my only wish is that we lived in the area all the time to have her for lessons all the time! I will still stay on top of my daughter’s safety around water but I truly feel so much more at peace knowing she has learned from Kym!" -Angela F.
"Kym was absolutely amazing getting through to my stubborn 4yr. old! She was able to communicate with her on a level no one else until now could. I'm so thankful for everything Kym was able to teach our children!!" -Kalie O.
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"Kym has been absolutely amazing with our son Jackson so far. She is patient but encourages him to do the tasks for the day. We are so glad we put Jackson in these lessons with her. " -Michael & Nicole R.
"This program is amazing!  I wish I would have found it sooner. It definitely gives me peace of mind knowing that my child will be better prepared in the water." - Amy T
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"It is amazing what I saw in one week's time.  (I was on vacation and took the kids to their classes for one week)  My grandchildren are very comfortable in the water and are swimming and rolling over.  I am very impressed with the program."- Maureen G
"Kym is an amazing swim instructor. Our little starfish just loves her!  We feel at ease knowing that our daughter can save her own life after taking the ISR Swim classes with Kym. We highly recommend Kym for ISR Swim." -Amanda S
"Kym is a great communicator and has great patience with the kids.  My daughter will talk non-stop if you let her, but Kym got her in the pool and listening.  My neighbors have a pool and worried non-stop that our daughter would learn how to use their fence and "break in"  After graduation we took her over to show them her new skills and they were amazed.  They told me they would sleep better at night knowing she could save herself if something happened." -Leslie B.
"Kym Cragel is awesome with my son, she has taught him so much in 3 weeks. I am amazed at the life saving skills he is learning! I have seen her work with babies and that is the truly amazing part!" -Betsy
"Kym Cragel was awesome and I am so happy with the lessons and our daughters abilities after taking them!  Best investment in peace of mind we have ever made." -Kelly J
"Kym was wonderful. Very flexiable and Accommodating.  Can’t wait for our refresher." -Darah M.
"Logan and Brooklyn were excited every day to go see Miss Kym (Cragel) and learn to save their lives. Our older son, Parker, was upset that we didn't sign him up this time for the refresher course! All three kids will continue to attend the refresher courses from here on out!" - Annie & Nick C.
"Kym is an amazing teacher. She’s so good with my daughter and always talks to you the entire lesson to keep you comfortable and calm. She informs you on what your child is learning and what they need to work on. I recommend her to all of my friends and family. I can’t wait to come back for my daughters second round of refresher classes in May!" - Carly S.
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